An introduction to… me!

Hi! I’m so excited to see you!


Here’s me with all my wall friends.

My name is Megan, or Dr Megsie, and I have studied chemistry for a while now, around 10 years! I started this site because I love chemistry, and want everyone to know that

  1. Chemistry really isn’t that difficult, and
  2. It’s all around us, every day.

Along the way I have studied a few different types of chemistry, so I’d like to give you a quick outline of where I’ve come from.

It began with my degree in Forensic Science, which all started because of my love for the TV show CSI. I still remember on the first day of my degree, the forensic lecturer standing up the front of the class and to my dismay saying “The first thing you should know about Forensic Science is that it is NOTHING like CSI”. But I stuck around. Along the way, I learnt biology, biochemistry, and analytical and organic chemistry.


I idolised these guys… Until the day I heard them pronounce a chemical name wrong.

I stayed on after the degree to do an Honours project in synthetic organic chemistry. I was making new compounds (another word for chemical structures) for the treatment of diabetes, based on tryptamine (one of the amino acids that make up protein). I had so much fun and enjoyed research in the laboratory (fuelled by the thought that what I was making could save bazillions of lives and make me a katrillionaire!), that I stayed on to do my PhD.


Here’s me posing in Honours: Yay for gloves, glasses and labcoat! Note: No NMR tube ever needs to be that full.

My PhD was another four more years of synthetic organic chemistry, which was basically being in a laboratory using chemicals A and B to make (or not make!) chemical C, and then writing a thesis on how important it was that I did all those reactions. This time, I was making flavonoid-based compounds for the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure). Flavonoids are those compounds in tea that are ‘antioxidants’ and good for you. I made quite a few different flavonoid compounds over the years, and hopefully they will be tested this year to see if they really can help people with blood pressure.

After completing my PhD, I became Dr Megsie!


Ta daaaaa!

Next thing you know, I got a real job and started working as a lecturer in Food Science and the Analysis of Foods, bringing back some of the analytical chemistry knowledge I learnt in my Forensic Science degree. The units that I teach are a part of a Nutrition and Food Science degree, and I am picking up a lot of useful knowledge being around a number of very healthy, knowledgeable and inspirational people, which I hope to share with you. As my second and third favourite things after chemistry are teaching and learning, I absolutely love my job and all the opportunities it provides me.

In my job, as well as teaching, I am getting started on some research projects. These are based on the analysis of foods, and while I can’t say too much, I am starting to look at the different chemical compounds which make up the smells and taste of different foods; I am learning a lot already.


These days in the lab, there’s less brightly coloured tubes and more instruments like this.

So, that’s all you need to know about me for now! If you want even more of me than appears here, you can follow me on twitter (@drmegsie) or have a squiz at my LinkedIn and ResearchGate profiles.

Otherwise, talk to you soon!

Dr Megsie.


Science… I love it!


I have borrowed this photo from the facebook page “I Fucking Love Science”, as it represents why I enjoy science and teaching, and seemed appropriate for my first post!